A Call to 30 Days of Prayer for Completion of the Loitoktok, Kenya Orphanage

As most know who follow this page, Jesus Harvesters Ministries and Agape Fellowship Centre have been constructing an orphanage in Loitoktok, Kenya for a number of years. Our vision is to provide an environment of faith, hope and love for 60 children just as Psalm 82:3 commands us to do, "Defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless." 

Much progress has been made and we are getting even closer to having children live at the orphanage. As you can imagine, the project has been very difficult to complete for a number of reasons: (1) it is outside of our normal church planting and disciple-making skills, (2) the obstacles have been greater than we could imagine; fencing out wild animals, the need for deep water wells to endure droughts, finding construction companies and materials, finding men and women who are committed to shepherding the orphanage both during the construction and also once it has children living there.

The leadership boards of Jesus Harvesters Ministries and Agape Fellowship Centre have cried, prayed, and discussed in detail the "how and when" the orphanage will be completed. We, along with many of you, are disappointed that the orphanage is not complete. As we enter these next few months, we know that the orphanage will not be completed "by the might, nor power of man, but instead by the power of the Holy Spirit." Please join us over the next 30 days in a call to prayer for completion (to the glory of God!) of the Loitoktok orphanage.

The attached letter details specific prayer needs that we lay at the Lord's feet. Please join us in prayer!

A Call to Prayer for the Loitoktok Orphanage.png