We made it!

Just a quick note that our team has safely arrived in Voi.  It has been a long trip for the team and many of us were very tired, but the excitement of the work ahead has kept us going.  We arrived yesterday (Monday) in Voi after a 6-7 hour van ride from Nairobi.  We are staying at a great place called Afrika Lodges which has hot water, electricity and wifi!!  

A few quick notes about our trip thus far.  The church building is completed and ready for us to use.  We will eat breakfast this morning and then head over to the church/clinic.  Bishop Achange told me that this church has been very strategically placed in Voi.  They did not put the church in the city center, but instead out its it a little further where the people are.  It is apparently In a Muslim community where a lot of workers have been brought into the city.  There are several mosques in the area and Bishop says that they are peaceful and are excited about our visit.  He has bought radio ads and has announced our clinic for the past 3 days during prime time spots.  Voi is a bustling town full of trucks, trucks, and more trucks as they travel the good road from the port city Mombassa to Nairobi.  At all hours, you can hear the loud thuds of trucks passing by the main road.  We are expecting a busy day today.

Please join us in prayer for what is to come.  Our Kenyan brothers and sisters have been dedicating themselves to prayer for the past month in anticipation of our arrival.  I hope that our American friends will do the same.  The needs here are great.  

I also want to express our gratitude and thanks.  Many of you who are reading this have supported, prayed and encouraged us as we've undertaken this mission adventure every year.  God has not left us alone in this battle.  God has given us the Church to lock arms together as we advance His Kingdom.  Pray for revival in Voi!  

More to come later tonight when we return.  Wifi is good here so I hope to give you updates regularly.