Day two update


My apologies for not sending updates more frequently.  We have been incredibly busy and the wifi has been becoming more erratic.  I have taken lots of pictures and I hope to be able to post some of these pictures for you if the Internet will cooperate here.

Day two of the clinic was very smooth.  We arrived on site at approximately 8:30am and got to work quickly.  There was a small group of patients waiting for us and they were able to be seen quickly.  And this happened throughout the day.  We would see wave after wave of patients but we caught up quickly.  At first, I thought that the turnout for our clinic was low because we emptied out the waiting area very quickly.  But we realized that because we had 9 physicians including 4 pediatricians, we were seeing patient very quickly.  That means in one hour we can see ~40 patients.  So far, in two day, I am estimating that we've seen ~400 patients.

I had a very interesting conversation today with a Muslim patient.  He came into the clinic because he was having chest pain off and on for the past 4 months.  It did not help matters that he smoked 1 pack per day either.  I counseled him about the risks of smoking.  I prescribed him a blood pressure medicine and aspirin to take.  I encouraged him to go to Mombassa to get further testing.  EKGs are not available in Voi.  And as I have done with most of my patients, I asked him if he knew why I came to Voi.  I further explained to him that we came to Voi to bring medicines but also to tell him that Jesus loves him.  I asked him if he knew Jesus.  He told me that he believed in the Koran and that hit teaches that Jesus was a prophet.  He liked Jesus.  I explained to him that what the Bible says and what the Koran says about Jesus are very different.  He didn't understand.  He further explained that he believed the Old Testament but he didn't know much about the New Testament.  He was very genial and was interested in what I had to say... So I continued.  I started with Adam and Eve and walked him through the Old Testament story and explained how everything pointed to Jesus.  Afterwards, he was thankful for what I had to say.  He gave me a hearty handshake and a big smile and left for the pharmacy.  I invited him to the crusades but I did not see him come back.  I hope that he does.  I am praying for him and I hope you join me too.

We have decided that we will split up our team on Friday and Saturday.  We will send a smaller team to a small village where there is an Agape church.  We are still making plans for it and I hope that it will come together.

The crusade and revival meetings again were successful.  One member of our team, Tony, stood up and gave a moving testimony about how Jesus had saved him and gave him new life.  I had the opportunity to preach on John 8:12 where Jesus claimed to be the light of the world.  This was timely because the previous night during the nighttime revival meeting, the lights went out briefly and we were all singing in the dark.  Timely illustration.  At the end of our services, there were another 8 new believers who made public confessions of faith.  A new church is being born. 

Pray for our stamina as we continue this work.  Our days are very long and rest is paramount.  But so far everyone remains in excellent spirits.  As I write this, we are about to begin our third day of clinic here in Voi.  Pray for the work ahead!