Day 4 & 5 update

As I sit here at our lodge trying to recall events to share from the past two days, all I can think of is "whew!"  

Having the opportunity that we have is extraordinary.  I've only been involved with Jesus Harvesters for the past five years.  And I'm still blown away at how it works.  It truly is a partnership between the U.S. and Kenyan teams but it's so much more than that.  There is such unity and fellowship that can only be found in Christ.  There is a sweetness of the friendships and joy we share in meeting needs and sharing Christ with others.  We are united in Him.

Yesterday and today, we split our teams and traveled to Msau and Beru which are about 45 minutes south of Voi town.  Dr. Hudgens traveled to Beru yesterday and took 7 team members plus a small Kenyan team.  What encouragement for that small Agape church!   Today, I went to Msau.  Each day, we saw approximately 125 patients at these smaller sites.  But to take the time and effort to reach out to these small villages was such a blessing to us and them.  The Taita tribe is so gentle and welcoming.  

The main team has stayed at the new church building in Voi.  Each day we have seen approximately 300 patients.  Yesterday as we closed the clinic, there were at least 100 other waiting.  Today there were more.

Most of the patients we are seeing have many chronic medical complaints including chronic pain, arthritis, back pain, etc.  But the degree of hypertension we've been seeing is amazing.  I've never encountered such prevalence in my previous trips.  Most patients had blood pressures well over 180 systolic.  And they were not taking medications.  We have seen a few malaria patients but not as many as we expected.  I did see a very lethargic 4 year old that could barely lift up her head.  She was positive.  But not many.  I did see a 50 year old lady today with a severe asthma exacerbation, and we had just run out of prednisone!  Ugh.  But we had epinephrine available, and after one injection, she was back to normal.

The crusades and revival meetings have been very successful.  Several members of our team have shared testimonies and shared a message from the Bible.  We are seeing 5-8 new professions of faith each night.  Bishop Achange told me that we have had 100 new believers in the first three days of the clinic.  I'll try to share an update later if I hear more.

We are not here to count numbers. That is God's business.  It is HIS harvester field and we are simply the laborers.  Our team has been encouraging each other this week to let go of trying to meet some expectation and just allow Christ to work through us.  Serving and loving others is our act of worship.  God will draw people unto Himself.

Thank you for your prayers!  Tomorrow is the church planting ceremony and the birth of a new church here in Voi.  Please join me in praying for this new group of believers.  This church is in the middle of a Muslim community.  It will be challenging.  You can even see the mosque from the church site.  But God is working here in Voi.  Light dispels darkness, not the other way around.  We pray this church will be a light for Christ.