Impact of JHM Bible College


Pastor Patrick Wanyonyi
Church; Agape Fellowship centre Bwayi - Kitale
Started December 2014

1. How Patrick was called into ministry?
Pastor Patrick was born in 1984 and is married with 4 children. In 1994 his parents separated and this made life difficult for him. It was in December 1994 that he received Jesus as Lord and saviour of his life. 

As a young believer Patrick yearned so much to know God and this led him not only to desire to know Him more but also help others know Him (God). He joined Agape Fellowship centre Konyao in west Pokot and while serving under pastor Alfred Wanyama (the district overseer), he felt a strong urge to serve God more but then he lacked some Theological knowledge. This developed a desire to join Bible College. He was encouraged by his pastor and thereafter he joined Jesus Harvesters Bible College in 2012 to pursue a two year diploma course in Bible and Theology.

2. How he has been impacted by the Bible College?
The knowledge he acquired at the Jesus Harvesters Bible College broadened his understanding of God and His work and developed a desire in him to serve in pastoral office. He took two years in the Bible College (2012 and 2013) and the desire to serve grew day by day. When he finished his diploma course, he went and shared with his overseer and pastor Emmanuel the desire to plant a new church. Patrick thereafter planted a new church at Bwayi in Kitale in December 2014.

3. How the Bible College helped him in his current ministry?
Patrick says he is very excited because the training he received on Evangelism is helping him to win souls to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It has also made him orderly in delivering his sermons to the congregation and talking to people in counseling sessions. 

With a glittering face and gestures, Patrick excitedly says “Iam now very confident when dealing with the ministry work and people”. He concludes by saying that what excites him most is on how the knowledge at the college has helped him to discover his pastoral gift and how to relate with people on different levels.