We've arrived!

After a two eight hour flights, we've finally arrived in Nairobi.  The team was was tired for sure.  When we arrived at the airport, there was a sea of humanity trying to get through line for an entry visa so that took a long time getting 28 people through.  But we collected all of our luggage -- yes, all of it arrived - and made our way to the vans.  Usually, we pass through customs without stopping, but we unfortunately were detained for about an hour while they were examining out medications.  They decided to confiscate the meds and have their FDA-like officials inspect it today (Monday).  Dr. Hudgens will go to the airport at 8am this morning to meet with the officials.  Bishop Achange and other have been making phone calls and working feverishly to get the meds released.  

I think God is trying to get our attention.  God does all things well, and we know He is perfectly in control.  I may get frustrated or surprised, but we have a Sovereign who does not.  I am praying for His peace to permeate our team.  I am al placing our collective trust into His hands that He will make a way when there seems no way.  Isn't that what He does best?  When there was a great fixed chasm between Himself and mankind, He made a way.  God certainly does test our faith to refine us in His image.  And I sense that He is at work in this situation.  

Nothing will stand in front of God's purposes.  He had called us to Kenya for an explicit purpose: to make His Name great... To reach the lost for Christ... To expand His Kingdom and His Church in Southern Kenya.   And as I posted before the trip, our labor is not in vain when we work for the Lord.  I find it very uncanny that God would lead me to that passage given this obstacle.  He will overcome!