Quick Monday PM update

Before I share any details of the night, I want to say a special thank you to all of you who are praying for us.  Particularly, I want to thank you to Buddy Champion and the entire faith family at First Baptist Church in Trussville.  Your prayers are effective and powerful.  We are seeing the result across the globe.

The banquet was very successful.  We had representatives from the Ministry of Health for Taita-Tavera District who welcomed and greeted us.  Additionally, we had many local pastors from different churches who came and broke bread with us.  They too are rejoicing for the mission and are excited we are here.  Sending greetings is very important to our Kenyan family, and so, I am sending you greetings on their behalf.  

Just wanted to make a quick note before I go to bed.  The enormity of this endeavor hit me tonight as we sat around tables at the banquet.  It's not only the size of our team - it is the largest by the way.  We have 28 US missionaries and approximately 55 Kenyan missionaries.  But it's the scope of the endeavor that surprises me.  Taking out two simultaneous medical teams into remote towns to have an all-day clinic and then Crusade where we share the gospel... plain and simple, we need the Lord to bless it.

And they have come from all over Kenya, northern Kenya (Mt. Kenya), western Kenya (Kakamega, Chavakalli), southern Kenya (Mombassa) and eastern Kenya (not disclosed).  They have travelled here at great cost to be with us and to share in this labor for the Lord.  As an aside, I am really excited to see Rev. John Mugo who recently (within last year) took over as pastor in a Muslim community here in Kenya.  He faces many challenges sharing the Gospel in that context, so please lift up Rev. Mugo him and his wife, Joyce.

Praise God for the work He is doing and will do!!   off to bed..........