The purpose of prayer

Praise God!  Our medications have been released.  I don't know the details (yet) except to say that Dr. Hudgens successfully retrieved the medicines from the airport and gov't officials.  We arrived in Voi about an hour ago and Dr. Hudgens is on his way.  I'm looking forward to hearing all about HOW he got the meds.  I'm sure it will be an exciting tale of suspense, intrigue and twists and turns.  But honestly, I don't need to know the details.  It's a story about God.  Isn't it always?  It's how He uses us - measly little us - to participate in His work.  For us to be effective, the Bible teaches us to be "filled with the Spirit."  To be filled by the Spirit involves studying Scripture and prayer.  PRAYER!  It's how God draws us close to Himself.  And the closer we are to God, the more we look and act like Christ.  

Our call to prayer yesterday was gloriously answered!!  Whatever the details,  God wanted us (our team, our friends, families, church members, you!) to stop and remember our dependency on Him.  In this brief moment of crisis, The Almighty paused our mission trip to align our heart with His.  And in doing so, He is shaping us to be his hands and feet in Wundanyi and Mwatate.  

Tonight is our banquet, where we invite local officials, pastors and other dignitaries to share a meal with our team.  Pray for opened doors and abundant blessing from these local leaders on this mission.  And tomorrow morning, we begin the work.