Reaching Muslims in east Africa

One of our church pastors with Jesus Harvesters Ministry is shepherding a church in a predominantly Muslim city.  To say there are tremendous challenges is an understatement.  How do you share Christ with others when it's not socially acceptable and could ostracize your ministry?  How do you live out the Gospel in a context that is sometimes hostile to the message of Christ?  Indeed, in recent years, this city experienced one of the worst terrorist attacks on the continent of Africa.  This pastor recently sent us a letter of encouragement as he and his wife work diligently to plant a church in this Muslim city.  They arrived in this city 13 months ago to reclaim a church building that belonged to our ministry and to start a new congregation.

Shalom and praise Jesus.
Hope you and your family are well?
[My wife] and I are fine in Christ.
It's almost 13 months since we relocated to [this region] but 9 months since we started pastoring our church in [this city].
There have been great victories despite the challenges we have encountered in our ministry so far. In all God's grace has been evident.
We felt that our first task was to pray for and teach the church so that we will see growth. This is after the [former] pastor who was there left with the whole congregation. Thankfully, some members who had left the church during the former pastor's leadership came back after he left. We have now consistent members who have owned the church and are growing. We have three home fellowships every week besides the Sunday services.
So far we have concentrated in raising leaders especially who can lead small groups for I see that as the way we will be able to penetrate and disciple this region.
We have had person-to-person outreaches which have not been very effective. That's why we thought of using different strategies, hence the medical and clean up outreach this coming month. At the same time we will also have a drama team coming from Madaraka and performing in schools and prisons.
We plan to invite those who we encounter during the outreach for ministry every evening where Bishop Evans will be ministering. We will baptize and dedicate children on Sunday the 15th.
We hope to have contacts and create relationship with those who come to the medical check up that are of the other faith.
As for outreach to the unreached in this area, we are still praying for God's direction to know which project can act as a platform for reaching them. We have floated ideas like teaching adults in literacy, teaching children or have some vocational training like tailoring and computer. Offering vocational training and adult literacy will give us an edge for through them because we can reach youths and women. We hope to begin as soon as we get a consensus from Bishop Evans and his team on the specific project and have the basic requirements on place.
We thank God for the favor we have enjoyed with the pastors in this area. I have been appointed to be part of the team that coordinates the monthly interdenominational prayer meeting in [this city].  Additionally, there is an inter-church intercessors meeting that meets at our facility every Monday between 1-2pm.  This is despite the fact that the pastors had been given false information about us. 
We have been trusting God about the Agape facility. We hope to have it in a condition where it can help us serve the community in other ways aside the church services. Thankfully, we were able to cement the lower floor in February and are focusing on putting up the ground floor walls as well us do one room completely for safe keeping of our stuff like PA system (which I currently carry from and to my house every week).
We are convinced that God wants to bring those who belong to the fold in.  We want to do our part in this. The future is full of promise.
Thanks for your encouragement, prayers and financial support.

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