Church planting.  

more than a building, but the building is important.

A church is a place.  It's a place to meet together, worship together, and fellowship together.  But a church is not necessary in order to be the Church.  Indeed, many of our congregations in small villages meet outdoors on a weekly basis.  Some are fortunate to at least have a tent.  But some meet under a tree, near a chicken coup, in the "bush"...  A building is not required, but it's helpful.  

We have made it our goal to provide a new chapel for each church we plant.  These chapels are simple "pole barns" that are covered in sheet metal with a dirt floor.  To those living in these communities, it's a tremendous blessing.  These simple chapels not only provide shelter from the elements but serve as a beacon of hope to the people of these villages and towns.  From this "launching pad," the Gospel will be preached and will be spread into the surrounding communities. 

We strategically plant a new "mother" church in larger communities.  These stronger churches will then send out pastors and leadership to cultivate and plant new churches in remote and hard-to-reach communities.  This creates a continuing need to support and foster new faith families, and chapel construction is a way to solidify the church in a community. 

The photograph above shows a chapel being constructed in Lodwar, Kenya.  This city in Kenya was one of the most impoverished and arid regions.  It is semi-desert and is very dry and hot.  During this construction project, daytime temperatures exceeded 120 degrees F.  Wind gusts were up to 50 mph.  Building a chapel in this location was crucial.  Without a church building, it would be incredibly difficult for a congregation of believers to meet on a regular basis.  

This church was planted in 2011 in Kissi.  They met under a tree for months as a small congregation.  When we arrived for our mission, they had obtained this tent that they were now using to worship together on Sundays.  

We have an experienced construction crew that has been building chapels with us for years. 

New chapels become gathering places and draw the attention of the surrounding community.

Once completed, the chapel facilitates the growth of a new vibrant community of believers.  

And these new chapels become houses of praise and worship that shines the light of Christ.

These simple chapels cost approximately $5,000 to build.  A fairly small sum of money when compared to the impact it has on the advancement of the Kingdom.  Would you like to partner with us to bless a local church in East Africa with a chapel?