You cannot have effective church planting and discipleship without effective pastor training.  

In order to have a lasting impact on a community that reaches far beyond a crusade or mission endeavor, Jesus Harvesters Ministries is committed to raising up new pastors that can invest into local communities.  That's why we started Jesus Harvesters Bible College. These pastors spend one year at the "mother church" - AFC Church at Madaraka - where they receive intensive training that will help them serve as the leader of a local church.  Our students come from all over Kenya and east Africa.  Many are called to serve in new ministry opportunities or church plants sometimes in very remote areas.  


Jesus Harvesters Bible College is a non-denominational intensive one- or two-year training program.  It was first opened with a class of 30 students in 1999.  The college was founded to provide theological, Biblical and leadership training to deserving local church and community leaders who were otherwise unable to afford it.  This training is provided to leaders from all walks of life from secular professionals to church leaders.  

We have set very specific goals for the students who complete this program.  First, we want to develop in each student an on-going Christian lifestyle through the study of God's Word and work of the Holy Spirit in the student's life.  Second, we identify and nurture each student's spiritual gifts, talents and skills.  Third, we train each student on how to effectively serve in their local church and community.  The curriculum is available online to see and understand what the students are learning.

The college is administered by a Management Board of seven experienced leaders who serve on the Apostolic Council of the Agape Fellowship Centre.  

The faculty for the Bible College are well-equipped and have attained at least a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical and theological training.  All are born-again, Spirit-filled and called to specific ministries in the Gospel of the Kingdom, thus they have much practical experience to share with the students.  They come from various social and multicultural backgrounds from all over east Africa.  

Some students however are unable to come to Nairobi for training.  If there are a reasonable number of students in a particular locality, special arrangements are made to train students at their ministry base location.  There are three centers in operation currently - Isebania, Tanzania; Tororo, Uganda; and Machakos, Kenya.  For those who journey to Nairobi for training program, there are boarding facilities currently on-campus.  

Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive either a certificate (one-year graduates) or a diploma (two-year graduates) in Biblical and Theological studies.  

The program is supported by Jesus Harvesters Ministry and through the generosity of people like you!  Your support goes directly to pay for housing costs, board, books and supplies for students.  Please partner with us to raise up new church pastors and leaders to further His Kingdom.